Friday 18th August 2017,

Bollywood Looks

Some say less is more…however in Bollywood that is certainly not the case when it comes to make-up…more and more and still not enough.

But the secret is to blend in the make-up so well that it looks natural, you know it’s there but you can’t quite see it.

Here are 5 top tips on how to create that Bollywood look for yourself:

Flawless skin– Unfortunately we all aren’t blessed with this so creating the illusion of flawless skin is a must.

Make sure you wear the right colour foundation to suit your skin tone. If you wear a foundation that’s too light or dark for your skin tone trust me you will be able to see this and it’s not something that will look good.

Contouring & Highlighting– If you want to go full out then it’s a good idea to use contouring and highlighting shades to enhance your best features. (To learn more about this have a look at my articles on Basic Contouring & Highlighting and Contouring & Highlighting Your Face Shape).

Dramatic Eyes– The eyes are the most striking point to re-creating that Bollywood Queen look. Lots of eye kajal and eyeliner to give that dramatic effect. (To learn more about this have a look at my articles on Dramatic Eye Make-up and Smokey Eye Make-up).

Perfect Pout– Notice how all the Bollywood actresses have that perfect pout.

Whether it’s nude or ruby red lips their lipstick is always perfectly lined and usually topped off with lashings of lip gloss. (To learn more about how to make your lipstick last longer look at my article Give Your Lippy Staying Power).

Luscious Lashes– To finish off the look false lashes are a must. (To learn more about Luscious Lashes check out my post on the Ultimate all in 1 Mascara)

They really draw attention to the eyes and give them the ultimate glamorous look.